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HEMY Waterproof Socks

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The chart shows the general guidelines for Hemy Waterproof Socks and Overshoe sizes (unisex). If you are in-between sizes then we recommend you choose a larger size.

Key Features & Uses

  • 100% Waterproof, Mudproof & Sandproof Socks
  • Breathable & Moisture-Wicking
  • Anti-Bacterial & Odour Resistant

Popular Use’s:

  • Gardening, Dog Walking and Outdoor Exploring
  • Workwear (Paramedics, Tradespeople, etc)
  • Hiking, Camping, Hunting & Fishing
  • Sports (Football, Sailing, Skiing, Paddleboarding)
  • Running, Cycling & Mountain Biking

Product Description

Hemy Waterproof Socks represent the pinnacle of innovation, combining unparalleled comfort, superior performance, and unwavering reliability. Designed for those who don't let the chill and moisture of adverse weather conditions affect their zest for life, these socks are ideal for both everyday use and rigorous training sessions. They stand out for their exceptional softness and breathability, offering an unmatched experience that keeps your feet warm and dry all day.

Our selection includes ankle waterproof socks, crew waterproof socks and knee-high waterproof socks, each providing the consistent performance and lasting protection synonymous with the Hemy brand. Embrace the ultimate in functionality and style with Hemy Waterproof Socks, your essential ally for triumphing over any challenge, in any weather.

Usage Considerations:

Not for Swimming or Showering: While our socks are waterproof, they are not designed for activities like swimming or showering.

Cuff Awareness: To ensure maximum effectiveness, ensure water does not go over the cuff of the socks. The cuff is designed to be snug, but immersion or heavy flow over the top can lead to seepage.

Materials & Wash Care

  • Outer Layer: 61% Nylon, 32% Polyester, 7% Elastane (Durable & Lightweight)
  • Middle Layer: HEMY X-Water Technology: Waterproof, Mudproof & Breathable Membrane (Allows sweat to escape while you’re on the move, no sweaty feet!)
  • Inner Layer: 36% Organic Cotton, 30% Copper Fiber, 30% Polyester, 4% Elastane (Soft, Odour Resistant and Anti-Bacterial)
Care Guide
  • Hand or machine wash below 30℃/90°F
  • Low Tumble Dry or Drip Dry
  • Do Not Dry Clean, Iron, or Bleach

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Our Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase of our waterproof socks, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to request a full refund. We want you to feel confident and satisfied with your investment, knowing that we value your comfort and happiness above all.


  • Products eligible for exchange include any of our waterproof socks that are in good condition, unworn, and in their original packaging with tags attached.
  • Exchanges can be made within 30 days of the original purchase date.


Where do you ship Hemy socks from? Orders within the UK are posted from our distribution center located at Unit 6, 101 High Street, Earith, Cambridgeshire, PE28 3PF. We provide tracked postage via Royal Mail, with an estimated delivery time of 2 working days. For expedited delivery, DPD 24HRS is available, ensuring arrival within 1 day, selectable during checkout. A flat rate of £2 is applied to all orders for postage, with complimentary Royal Mail 48HRS tracked postage on purchases over £30. International shipping options and rates are available at checkout.
How do waterproof socks work? Hemy Waterproof Socks are meticulously engineered to ensure your feet remain dry by effectively blocking the penetration of water into the fabric. This is accomplished through the incorporation of our advanced waterproof and breathable membrane, strategically positioned as the middle layer of the socks, providing unparalleled protection and comfort.
Do feet sweat with Hemy Waterproof Socks? The HEMY X-WATER membrane ensures feet stay dry by blocking external water while allowing internal moisture from sweat to escape, maintaining comfort during activities. Trail runners have successfully used these socks in challenging conditions, including mud and rivers, without experiencing sweat-related discomfort.

If I'm between two sizes, what size should I buy? If you are in between sizes, we recommend choosing a larger size. You can check the size chart at each product page.

Which style should I choose? The appropriate thickness and length of waterproof socks vary by activity. Ankle-length socks are perfect for light moisture conditions, offering breathability and dryness without being suitable for heavy rain or deep puddles. For more severe wet conditions, our Crew and Knee-High socks offer extended coverage to minimize water ingress from splashes.
Will Hemy Waterproof Socks keep me warm as well as waterproof? Yes. All of our products use a 3-layer construction. This keeps your warm and dry on those cold and wet days.

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X-WATER Technology

Our unique breathable membrane is the cornerstone of our waterproof socks exceptional performance

  1. Advanced breathable membrane prevents water, mud, and dust entry.
  2. Allows sweat evaporation, preventing sweaty feet.
  3. Thermal regulating technology maintains warmth in cold, wet conditions.

Triple Layered Success

  1. Durability and Lightweight Design: The outer layer combines Nylon, Polyester, and Elastane, offering robust protection against wear and tear.
  2. Waterproofing with Breathability: HEMY X-Water Technology, ensures your feet stay dry from external moisture while allowing internal sweat to evaporate, preventing sweaty feet during active use.
  3. Comfort and Hygiene: The inner layer features a blend of Organic Cotton, Copper Fiber, Polyester, and Elastane, providing a soft touch, odour resistance, and antibacterial properties.

Elevate Your Performance

Our Waterproof Socks embody the perfect harmony of style and performance.

  1. Versatile Use: Suitable for a range of activities, from cycling and sports to dog walking and everyday wear.
  2. Weather-Resistant: Engineered to withstand rainy, muddy, and snowy conditions, keeping feet dry.
  3. Stylish Design: Merges elegance with functionality & comfort, ensuring that your active wear remains chic.


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